A topdown indie shooter, now available on PC!


Chaotic Fun Exhilerating Gameplay

Introducing a hysterical top-down shooter. Challenge your way through 7 randomized levels, brimming with hordes of bizarre monsters. Upgrade your character through a selection of 30 unique powerups and minions, unlock special classes and much much more. Monsteria is chaotic fun for everyone.


Power up or enslave a minion to fight for you. Choose from a selection of over 30 combined upgrades. Endless combinations.


Fight through thousands of monsters and projectiles.


  • 20 gimmicky powerups and endless combinations
  • 30+ bizarre types of monsters to fight
  • 30+ unique levels
  • 4 special unlockable characters
  • Smart monster AI
  • Input seeds for level and upgrade randomization
  • Compatible on all platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux